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Listen in on my radio interview in the “Parental Guidance” segment with Amy Bell, on CBC Radio One’s Early Edition with Stephen Quinn as we discuss how body image effects our kids. Read more on the topic in my Scary Mommy article, How to talk to your girls about body image(Segment starts at 10:54, ends at 18:22)



How to Talk to Your Girls About Body Image


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A Parent’s Guide to Coping with the Annoying Opinions of the Childless (and Everyone Else)


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The Real Chiang Rai

Reality Shift In Hyderabad, India 

Amsterdam, Netherlands on Queen’s Day



Bear Divide and the Good Ol’ Days

St. Francis Dam Disaster: Mulholland’s Tragic Mistake


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The Science of Ignorance and Swine Flu Hype (2009, OpEd, out of archive)

Vaccine Bullies and a Parent’s Right to Know (2009, OpEd, out of archive)


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