The Myth of Going From A to Z

Creativity is not simply art; and logic is not simply math. Our lives, and solutions to our problems, do not start at A and move in a straight line to a blissful ‘Destination Z.’ In fact, if we try to move through life that way—forcing straight lines out of curves—we are merely living as static 2-D cardboard cutouts positioned in the extended-arm strain of a Steinholding competition. Relax. Take a sip. Germany has been wrong about some things.

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The Angry Optimist

You can prepare and train as much as possible, but you can never be totally ready for the hardest things you aim to achieve, especially when it’s a path you’ve never taken. That’s when you put your default anger setting to good use.

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One Open Eye: Seeing Saturn for the First Time

Everywhere we look in the universe, we are seeing reflections of ourselves. With one open eye, we are looking at where we came from and why we’re here. We are looking at our past and our future. Just as humankind across all origins, tones, ideals and cultures share love, hope, despair and fear, all the universe, including humankind, shares chemicals and evolution, existence and dying. The only thing that makes us different at all is that we exist now. It is our turn to be born, to live, to die, contributing to the only planet that has any life at all, so far, in the inconceivable vastness of the expanding universe. This is our chance, before we become just memories, and then just dust.

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Science with Mad Mom

(Originally written April, 2016) In the spirit of subtle non-conformity, this evening I eagerly attended the Mad Science with Mom event at school with my daughter – a Mother-Son event. We arrived to an auditorium full of rambunctious elementary-aged boys puddled together hyperactively cross-legged on the floor making a mess of pizza and absently spilling […]

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