Never Give Up: The Irish Way

This was a constant hanging on the wall of my Irish childhood. This is the actual plaque that still hangs on the wall of my mom’s house today. I asked her to send me a pic of it because I’ve always loved it – and because it’s St. Patrick’s day, a celebration of a heritage […]

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Say it with me. Healthy. Boundaries.

The Irish-American actor and writer, Malachy McCourt, once said, “Resentment is taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

I don’t know about you, but damn it all to hell if the other person never dies. Forget about dying, they are actually laughing, living happy lives and wouldn’t think twice about you waiting over in the corner ready to punch someone.

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How to Talk to Your Girls About Body Image

We stepped aside to a quiet spot in the school hallway where she revealed to me, near tears, that she was walking funny.

“Because my stomach is fat,” she admitted, triggering negative self-talk cry mode. She demonstrated that she was walking with her shoulders and waist slightly bent forward all day to hide her “fat” stomach.

As a woman, I totally get this experience. But as a 9-year-old, how could she feel this horrible about herself already? Of all things to worry about at this age, being fat isn’t one of them. Except that it is.

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When Hope is Shared

It will serve as a reminder to me, for now, and to Ava as she grows old enough to understand, that we must endure what we think we cannot, that we must still believe even when we want to give up, that we must be present often enough to feel the purity of gratitude, and that there is immense love and power in the sharing of HOPE.

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Science with Mad Mom

(Originally written April, 2016) In the spirit of subtle non-conformity, this evening I eagerly attended the Mad Science with Mom event at school with my daughter – a Mother-Son event. We arrived to an auditorium full of rambunctious elementary-aged boys puddled together hyperactively cross-legged on the floor making a mess of pizza and absently spilling […]

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The Real Dirt on Mud Runs

(Originally written Oct, 2013) I’m not a joiner – never have been. You could say I’m more of the lone-wolf type. In school, I didn’t go to football games, homecomings or proms. I’ve never been a big fan of group activities like organized religion, social media or, heaven forbid, mommy’s groups. But even I must […]

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A Parent’s Guide to Coping with the Annoying Opinions of the Childless (and everyone else)

(Originally published in San Diego Family Magazine, April 2012) We all do it, whether we have kids or not – judge parenting. If you are a parent, chances are good that someone thinks you’re not doing it the way they would. While us parents are tossed around by public opinion – from being a working […]

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Mom in London Calling

(Originally written in April, 2009) My adoring crew has pointed out in the most non-loving, finger-pointing, laughing out loud way, that my “Madonna voice” is alive and well in London. I have to admit, I noticed it before we got here. While I was working nights to accommodate the 8 hour time difference, and days […]

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