Home in a Basket

Back when I had the luxury of sitting on my shrink’s second-hand couch in her excessively white office, a box of tissues in arm’s reach next to a clock tracking each of the fifty minutes, she would ask me to close my eyes and think of my safe place. She’d say it could also be […]

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The White Visor Intervention

Since I decided to grow out the burst-of-middle-aged-rebellion shaved sides of my hair, I’ve pretty much lived in bird-lady mode, with hair-wings mercilessly protruding from the sides of my head. After reluctantly wearing my hair down as a wing shield for months, I spent a good 30-minutes today putting my long locks into a refreshing […]

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Say it with me. Healthy. Boundaries.

The Irish-American actor and writer, Malachy McCourt, once said, “Resentment is taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

I don’t know about you, but damn it all to hell if the other person never dies. Forget about dying, they are actually laughing, living happy lives and wouldn’t think twice about you waiting over in the corner ready to punch someone.

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Stop Calling it Date Night

(Originally written July, 2017) Date night. What a joke of a concept. Can we all just call it what it really is? A high pressure, high expectation, ridiculously forceful attempt at fast-forwarding a reconnection with your vastly ignored spouse. I officially hate date night. An evening at home sharing a bottle of wine watching a […]

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