Shannon Master

Mom, Writer, and TV/Event Producer – in that order.


I’m a mid-life mom, writer and work as a freelance television and event producer to keep food on the table, fund my wine consumption, and keep the dream alive of someday having my very own sunflower farm just so I can stare at it.

I had no idea I could “write” until after I somehow won the work-travel lottery – as in get paid to travel on someone else’s dime. In my 20+ years in the TV Biz, I’ve been jet-setted throughout 17 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, changing the very core of my existence. It is only when I started traveling that I realized I had a way with words that flowed out of me effortlessly and filled my heart with both fear and joy simultaneously – and I’ve been dutifully ignoring that hidden passion ever since. Until now.

My message is one of perseverance, overcoming the obstacles that hold you back, and not letting your mistakes in the past define who you are or who you want to be. We are all capable of being better people and true to ourselves and our life’s path, whatever that may be.