I’m a ‘real’ writer!

Here it is, actually in print (only) and on shelves across the nation anywhere magazines are sold between April 12 and July 12, 2021. It’s also available through Amazon, too, where the description says, “In this special edition from the editors of TIME, current trends, expert advice and personal experiences come together to offer a practical guide for living as your best and healthiest self.” I’m the personal experiences they’re talking about! I had a friend say she saw the issue at an airport. I mean, come on!

“How I talked to my daughter-and myself-about body image” tackles important social issues surrounding body-image for young girls and women at large. It offers research on how we can reframe our own body images as mothers, in order to help our girls have everything we never had—confidence and self-esteem with an unwavering sense of worth.

Sneak peek at the article here:

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