Reality Check in Hyderabad, India

(Originally written April, 2006, and published in San Diego Reader Nov, 2012) As much as we see globalization happening on every continent, I have seen a place as-of-yet unaffected. Hyderabad, India, has yet to be conquered by McDonalds, Wal-Mart or Starbucks. You won’t find much tourism there either. The stereotypical pale color of your Western […]

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Mom in London Calling

(Originally written in April, 2009) My adoring crew has pointed out in the most non-loving, finger-pointing, laughing out loud way, that my “Madonna voice” is alive and well in London. I have to admit, I noticed it before we got here. While I was working nights to accommodate the 8 hour time difference, and days […]

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The Unwitting American Racist

When two of my friends and co-workers, Kim and Tina, asked if I felt safe walking to my car at night by myself in an affluent La Jolla neighborhood at the end of our evening out, I actually said, “Look around! There’s nothing but rich white people!” Yep. It came right out of my stupid […]

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