36 It's only day 2

Jeep Commercial Production Office 2015:

I lasted on this shoot for two days, on a precious weekend no less. No amount of money makes it worth it anymore.

First you have a self-important ladder-climbing Production Coordinator who thinks he’s gotten far enough in his skillset that he can be outrageously condescending to everyone, especially to the quiet, green, young, eager to please Production Assistant, demeaning her, and everyone he can, in front of Executive Producers, Producers, Assistant Directors, Directors, agency reps – all of whom say and do nothing.

Of course, he only takes after the 50+year-old Production Manager, who has lived her entire life for the industry – no marriage, no kids, no outside influence that matters more than the approval of people like Jeff – an Executive Producer who can’t seem to pack enough underwear for his time away from home, so he has the production department spend time, money, staff, vehicles and fuel to buy him his precious underwear.

Let us not forget about the Director… In my short time on this bullshit example of humanity’s worst career, this baby-hands mama’s boy of a man required a salon appointment to cut his wanna-be surfer hair, required a driver to take him there, and afterwards to “a hip beach” for a run, then required a driver take him shopping, where he got his wife a pair of designer earrings. Our production department then had to gift wrap and ship them internationally to Canada to his wife – with production absorbing the cost of all of it while also paying him $12,500 per day.

Oh, but there’s more… Let us not leave out the all male agency and production executives’ loud obnoxious conversation that took place in the small office with women present about how their stay-at-home wives caring for multiple children couldn’t find the time to get dinner on the table every night. “I mean, you were home all day. How can you not at least have dinner ready?” said the Producer matter of factly to hearty approving laughter. After which they discussed traveling away from home, cheating on their wives and “your secret’s safe with me.”

I happened to be looking for restaurant suggestions for this group of idiots per their request at that moment. Interrupting their conversation, I actually said out loud with a sarcastic smile, “You guys would probably like the Iron Pig downtown.” I have gotten to a point where I NO, LONGER, CARE.

One of them laughed looking at the others while the rest sat in silence. I unflinchingly followed it up with, “Seriously, it gets great reviews.”

These kinds of people, nearly all of them, come from LA and NYC-based companies. It is a common conversation among them to also take joy in speaking badly about local crews they have to hire, (to keep costs down from traveling below the line crews in) because they think no one outside of those hubs has any credible experience. At one point, the pussy Production Coordinator made it a point to say in front of all the San Diego locals in the room, “Based on what I’ve seen so far, there isn’t much to expect out of these crews.” He also insulted my printer. Yes, my printer, referring to it as a “Canon”, as opposed to what? Your anus, fuck head?

So you think you want to work in production…